Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why I do it

Today I got an email from a customer friend of mine. It was so sweet, so wonderful, and so touching that I was in tears as I read it. I feel really lucky that I get to be friends with such awesome people. People I might have never met if it wasn't for the beads.

Desiree has been helping out around the house so I can get more beads done. Today she cleaned the whole house! It looks so lovely. I am thrilled. I got my bookkeeping up to date and made some really cool sets of beads.

Today I also played with Double Helix Olympia Rain glass. I have had this silver glass for so long that I almost forgot I had it. I read all the tips and tricks on how to work it and every time I did experiment with it, I got a really nice clear. Humph. The stuff is $100 a pound. I better get more than clear. I had put it away, kinda miffed with it, long ago. Well I tried again and *POW* it worked. Absolutely gorgeous. Dang it. Now I need more $100/lb. glass. Great. LOL!

Tomorrow is post office and picture taking day. YAY!

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lori is a wonderful person. Everyone should know someone like her. I have never met her, But yet I can't help but feel the warm, sweethearted person that she is. Not only from her emails we share back and forth, but also in her work that she does. The lord has given her a gift and she uses it well. He also needs to clon her a million times over.
Hot in the sun!!!