Saturday, July 28, 2007

StarFlowers and block parties and Wii fun

Last year, I went to the annual block party but this year I decided to blow it off in favor of a day out with Mark. Am I anti-social? Probably a little bit. I had a pretty good time last year but didn't really have much in common with most of my neighbors. Most have little kids where I have a 20-year old. Most of them work outside the home and I stay at home and make beads. I don't think any of them even know I make beads. I don't think any of them would know what the heck I was talking about, even if I showed them the beads. Anyway, Mark and I had a good day out so I guess that's all that matters, right?

So, today we went to Fry's Electronics so I could pick up a movie that was on sale (Idiocracy) and a cordless Dremel to use to clean my beads. Mark got Desiree another controller for her Wii so she can play a game she downloaded. The game is an old version of the Legend of Zelda that she has always wanted to play. Now she can! The best game we have found for the Wii is so far is Cooking Mama. It is awesome! Desiree plays that one all the time and it's a fun one to just pick up when you have a few minutes to play.

I finally got out to take some pictures of the beads I've been making. Well, two of them, anyway. LOL! I'm calling these StarFlowers and I really love them. They have lots of dimension to them and I love the shape. The backs are left undecorated so you can look through the clear and see the colors underneath. They are for sale at my etsy store -


Jan said...

It is better to spend time with your husband. He is who you will be spending a lot of time with. Maybe someday though you should open your garage and show your neighbors what you do! You could have a whole new set of customers. Have a open workshop day! If you do let me know I will be there.

Lori Peterson said...

I've thought about signing up for the artist open house tour that Willow Glen has every year. That might be fun!