Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lampwork head pins

A couple months ago, Sharon Peters posted a tutorial on how to make headpins using sterling silver wire with lampwork at the end and I have been addicted to making them ever since.  I just LOVE them!  Here's a link to the tutorial: http://lampworketc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212284

They are pretty easy to do and don't take too long to assemble.  They do have to cure for 24 hours, though.  I love how shiny and untarnished the silver wire is.  That's always been my beef with doing them on copper or steel wire.  They aren't exactly "jewelry ready" if the rest of your piece is done in shiny silver.  I love these for wire wrapping with a loop and dangling from a plain chain.  So fun, so playful!

So, thank you Sharon!  I have had a blast making these! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Come back, Vetro Lt. Turq!

I should have tried this color as soon as it was delivered.  Had I known it was so awesome I would have ordered 4 more pounds of it before it disappeared!  Oh, Vetrofond Light Turquoise, how I long for thee!

Here it is, encased. Yum.  Way more vibrant than Effetre's current version of light turquoise.  Doesn't get all gray and meh when left unencased, either, like Effetre dark turquoise.  It's in between those two in intensity and tone.  I just love it.  I've been burning through it like there's no tomorrow.  And, considering I can't find it available anywhere right now, I am concerned.  But, no matter, it's way too pretty to hoard so beads will be made and I will hope another batch is on its way soon.