Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happiness, found in the little things

I have had an outstanding week, really. Desiree and I have jumpstarted her job search again and are going at it with renewed vigor. Mark has started to get some bites on his newly reformulated resume. I have been drawn to the torch in a way I haven't felt for quite a while. All in all, good things are in the air.

One of the reasons I have felt a renewed zest for torching probably has to do with the overwhelmingly positive response to my new bunnies (YAY!) and for that I am truly grateful. I love them but that's never a good guide as to whether or not others will. The response has really bolstered my drive to create. YAY!

The other really great thing about this week is the weather. It is truly spring here. The temps are mild. Sunny but breezy and cool. Just perfect sit-on-the-patio-sipping-your-morning-coffee weather. Days like this make me wish I had a window in front of my torch.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poofy Clouds

Here's an entry at Watch Me Create from Lori Greenberg that deals with the subject of cute:

Specifically, white poofy clouds. I love the word poofy. Well, that inspired me to create a poofy cloud bead of my own - take a look at the result...

I think that it is a simple, silly bead that gets the poofy cloud concept across pretty well and I think it's pretty cute, too. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beads and Tech

I don't know if I have anything much to talk about this week but maybe if I just start writing, something will come...
My APC battery backup/surge protector thingie has been periodically cutting power to my computer and letting out this high-pitched continuous alarm. So, while I am panicking about the work I just lost or whether or not my email will be able to recover from yet another improper shut-down, I also get to wince at the pain inflicted in my earholes. I'm pretty sure that the APC is gasping its last breaths at this point. Ah the joys of technology...
On the other hand, I discovered TWITTER recently! I am following some interesting characters, along with other beadmakers and jewelry designers. One is Dr. Drew Pinski, who I just adore (VH1's Celebrity Rehab is one of my favorite guilty pleasures) and another is Leo Laporte, who hosts tech related shows (I'm a geek!).
I had a funny thing happen the other day... I received an email from someone who left a message about my YouTube video, liked my blog and wanted to add me to their Facebook so I twittered them my ID. It was at that moment that I realized I had gone social networking supernova. Awesome. What a great time we live in.