Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuff I'm proud of

Desiree has voted in some prior elections - every election since she turned 18, actually - but this was her very first presidential election! She was so enthusiastic about the political process this year that she got Brandon, her apathetic friend, to FINALLY register to vote AND he voted in his first presidential election, too! I am proud of them both. We all sat down as a family (yeah, Brandon has been around for so long that he's now family) and watched the election results and the speeches together. Mark's birthday was Tuesday, too. It was a nice evening. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not the end of the world...but....

I've been dreading making this entry into the blog. Just dreading it. Desiree went to work on Wednesday morning and that afternoon they told her that she didn't get the job. They said that she just didn't have enough experience and would need a bit too much hands-on training for them to take her on at this point.

I can't adequately express how deeply sad I am for her. She loved working there during those two weeks. She had such a great attitude and really blossomed while she was there. I'm so incredibly proud of her, even if she didn't get the job. This was her very first job experience outside the home and it was such a positive one that we all wanted it to go on forever. I am sad that she gets up early in the morning now and has nowhere to be.

So, now we are back on the job hunt trail. Hopefully she will find something even more perfect for her and this will all make sense.