Thursday, July 19, 2007

1st post...a test of sorts

Ok, I have a few minutes before I play taximom again today so I think this is as good a time as any to start my new blog. What to talk about...

Yesterday Desiree came home from school looking like a rOcKsTAr! She's in cosmetology college so I have come to expect a little drama now and again. We went out for a sushi lunch because glamor like this should not be wasted. :)

I have a pile of beads here that need to be photographed. I've tried about three times to get good photos of some of them and they just refuse to sit still or something because all I get is a blur. Hmmm...maybe I should lay off the coffee while I'm taking pictures.

I did manage to get a couple clean shots. I really love this bead and was so happy that the photo really captured the colors so accurately. We were having an overcast kind of day yesterday and that is just perfect for taking pictures.

Ok, well I'd better get moving. Lots to do. Places to go, beads to make. You know the drill...


koregon said...

hey there Lori! dropping by to check out your digs! and found the most gorgeous "rockstar" girl that is your daughter???..the same Desiree from long ago?? all grown up and wow! you grow them well grasshopper! So I am dying to find out, is she taller than you...taller than me?? And when I ever make it your way, can she do my makeup?? I wanna look like a rockstar to.

the bead is killer, I love love the and hugs, Kaye

Lori Peterson said...

Kaye, you have made my whole night!!! Thank you!!! She is shorter than both of us (HA!) at 5 foot 2 inches. She's a cute little pixie. She would be happy to do your makeup! I would be THRILLED to hang out with you again. Have a fantastic time at the gathering. I wish I was going!!! Heck, I still might...I miss my mom so much and she lives right outside Minneapolis. Anyway, thank you for checking out my new digs and leaving me such a lovely message. I miss you!!!
Love, Lori