Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good coffee from good people

Need coffee? Please consider ordering from this fledgling coffee roasting company run by a dear friend of mine. It's a struggle making a new business work and she and her husband could use all the help they can get. Plus, the coffee is awesome.

1pm - Ok, I am back from the post office and got a chance to take pictures of the beads I made with Olympia Rain. Click on the picture so you can see it full size. I love them!


Linda said...

Yummmm - good coffee and gorgeous beads! What else is there in life???

Jan said...

Wow the beads are spactacular. Wow! Nothing like a good set of beads to get you started in the morning! or is that coffee Jan

Lori Peterson said...

I think beads and coffee are a perfect combination. There are no beads without coffee.

Thank you both!!!