Friday, July 20, 2007

Ladybug, ladybug...I can't stop making ladybugs. They started out normal, red and black, and then the mad color wheel lady in my head stepped in and now we have Ladybugs Gone Wild.

Today I am going to go visit my friend and fellow beadmaker Miss Kimberly Lynn! YAY!!! I have been longing for a girl's night out but scheduling stuff is hard and she lives way over an hour away in Santa Rosa. I will tell you though...she is worth the journey. I love my friends!!!
Desiree cut my hair last night. It is SHORT now. It's quite a change but I love it! I also love how she is getting more and more confidence in every aspect of her life since she started cosmetology school. She is on her way!!! And I'm the practice head. LOL! (I am saving a bundle on haircuts and color.)

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