Friday, November 2, 2007

Muses wanted.

Over the years, I have gotten a bit of flack from my fellow beadmakers for taking special orders. Many won't and I totally understand why they don't want to. It can be a chore to make the same bead over and over, especially if it is a bead you don't enjoy making. Even my muse is finicky and likes to pick and choose which which projects to embrace and which ones are better left alone.

On the other hand, someone else's muse can be a welcome guest here in my studio. I enjoy having a guiding hand every now and then. Here are some beads I made this week with the help of my customer's muses. I thank them for visiting and would welcome them back here anytime. :)


Jan said...


I understand when some people can't take special orders but isn't part of having people follow you and buying supplying what they want. I have always loved that you take care of my needs. I love the hearts who wouldn't. Stay true to who you are I love you just that way. Jan

Lori Peterson said...

Yeah, I like being able to get info on what people want. A lot of times, it makes the creative process easier than starting with a blank slate. I love making stuff for you Jan!!!