Monday, October 29, 2007

Check out the hair!

I helped Desiree with her Halloween costume this year. We went to Beverly's craft store and got different colors of wool roving and made cartoon character dreadlocks! I think she looks like some kind of anime superhero pixie fairy. Her skirt is completely adorable, too. Check it out!

See? It matches her hair. I love it!

Ok, yes, she is a bit too old for trick or treating. She's worn it to an event in San Francisco and to a local party so I'd say it was worth the effort. She's had a great time!
I kind of thought my time for making costumes for my child would be over but I guess not. LOL! She's only 20. Inside, though, she still thinks she's seven and should still be able to do all those kid well as all the fun things you get to do as an adult. She certainly is enjoying a last hurrah before she graduates and has to buckle down and get a job, responsibilities and all that.

On the bead front...I am finishing up a few special orders and making lots of beads this week. Last week I was really feeling the change in weather and just wanted to stay huddled up under my blanket all the time. I think I may have had a small tummy bug or something because I really slacked off! I'll have to make up for it this week, for sure!!! These will go in my Etsy store this week:


Jan said...


My daughter is still having me make her costumes too. This year she was a very glamours lady bug. I don't have a picture but her top was similar to Desiraes only black and we made a circle skirt with black poka dots on it. She wore black ballett slippers too. She look so cute. Yes they never really grow up until they have children of thier own. Lisa is 25 graduated from college with a great job. Love the tulips they are so wonderfully cute. Jan

Lori Peterson said...

LOL! So there is no end in sight for me, Jan? I keep thinking this has to be the last year and every year she is more into it than the last!

She took Brandon's little sister out trick or treating again this year. They had a great time. Lots of fun, too much candy!!!