Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My blog, my rules

These are the beads I taught at my mini-class this weekend. We didn't get enough people signed up for a full weekend class so I just taught a couple people for a few hours. I think it went pretty well but I haven't gotten any feedback from the studio guy yet so ... we'll see, I guess. I was supposed to do the mock mini-class for a couple of the other studio teachers but something must have changed at the last minute. Anyway, I am hoping to change the scheduling of the classes to one evening a week since that works so much better for anybody with family commitments.

Ok, so in other news...

I am going to be a featured artist for the month of November at a bead store in Gahanna, Ohio! Here's a link to their website: http://www.gahannabeadshop.com/
I am going to be VERY busy making oodles of beads for them to hopefully sell for me. This is the very first bead store to sell my beads. Big day for me! Well, big month. I would love to have my beads in a local store but the last one in my general vicinity just closed it's doors, sadly. It's hard to crack the Michael's nut around here.

Oh and I am clearing out my bead box again. Gotta finance that PMC class I'm taking. :) Check out the bargains in my Etsy store.


tami and todd said...

Those are awesome! I wish I could've taken your class... I'll have to fly your way next time ;) See it took me a long time to finally find someone that taught glass bead making, and that person only teaches the beginners class she hasn't done any advanced classes (at least since I learned). So I'm jealous & wish I could've been there! Congrats on all your accomplishments! (I guess I need to post some beads on my blog so you can see where I'm at... keep an eye out, I'll get some pics up soon.)

Lori Peterson said...

Hi Tami!
I would love to see some pics of your beads!!!

Jan said...


Don't be discouraged about teaching. When I started to teach painting it took awhile to develop a cliental that like working with me and my work. Once you get that base you start to have a following. Mainly because people develop a relationship with you and the other students and they use this time to enjoy not only what they are doing but other people who enjoy the same things.
Oh and by the way I got the beads yesterday. As usual I am blow away. The Mary Mary bead I had my eye on them from the first day you posted them. I was thinking of putting them together and giving them to my mother for her birthday but that is not going to happen. I will have to look for other beads that I can part with. The minnie is too too cute I love her and so will the person I am going to give her to. Plus the cupcake just makes you want to eat it. I have a student who when he was in first grade was being punished for misbehaving so he had to stay in for recess. Well it was also someone birthday and while he was left in the class alone he ate all of the cupcakes intended for the birthday. So this cupcake reminded me of him. You are so talented thanks Love Jan

Lori Peterson said...

LOL! Jan, I love the cupcake story. Kids, eh? I bet he had a tummy ache that day. What a little bugga.

I'm so glad you like the beads! I loved making that minnie kidlet. Makes me want to get in the car and drive south until I hit Space Mountain!