Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Puppy knees and land of the lost beads

We found a new park to take The Puppy to! Los Gatos Creek park, I think it's called. Very pretty and dog friendly. YAY! It was quite beautiful and the trail is pretty long so we can get a good amount of exercise there. Puppy has very small legs but amazing stamina. She also has a very *ahem* healthy appetite. We keep her trim by taking her for long walks every weekend and at least 3/4mile every evening. So far, this has really worked and it keeps her active. She had knee surgery so my concern is always for her joints but my vet assures me that as long as there is no running involved, she is fine.

Where do lost beads go? I had taken this photo last week and was just about to add it to my Etsy store when I went to measure it and could not find it anywhere. Where do lost beads go? Have you seen this bead? Did I send it to someone as an extra? It's these kinds of things that make me realize that I am not in complete control of the universe. Not even my universe. LOL! Dang it.

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