Friday, August 10, 2007

Hit me Batty, one more time.

I love making these. The bats are so full of personality. I could make a hundred of these and not get tired of it. (Please don't ask me to, though. LOL) The little eyes are made with striking transparent orange which is a color I had immense difficulty with when I was a newbie bead maker. There's a trick to getting the glass to strike and you have to know what color to look for (hint: not orange.) to know it's struck. Even then, you don't really know if you've struck it right until the bead is room temperature again. It takes a while working with glass before you learn all these tricks and tips. Reading tips only gets you so far, really, because you have to see the glass in action to know what to look for.

The Etsy sale is going so well! I am thrilled to pieces! I have more to put up after I take pictures this afternoon. Now, I am off to the torch...wish me luck!


Linda said...

Okay, I tried to edit a typo and the whole thing got deleted instead - sorry!

I meant to say Good Luck and HUGE hugs your way! :)

Lori Peterson said...

No worries, I fixed it all up. :)
Thanks for the hugs!

tami and todd said...

I love all your beads, especially the little people! I'll be adding you to my favorite sites, hope you don't mind, so I can keep an eye on all your creations!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Those bats are adorable. I love your work.

Lori Peterson said...

Thanks Marcy and Tami!