Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pony time!

Ok, time to have a giggle... Here is my very first attempt at a horse. It looks a bit more like a pony, I think. Next time I will have to make the body and nose much longer for it to look like a horse. Still, since this was WAY out of my comfort zone, I am mildly happy and amused with it.


Jan said...


I think the pony is adorable. I like the shape and size. Very cute. You put too much pressure on yourself. Great Job. Jan

Lori Peterson said...

Thanks Jan! Hey, at least he can stand on his own. I figured that was a pretty good result. But, yeah, we are our own worst critics.

tami and todd said...

very creative! now I want to see it used in a peice! I love making beads but I'm having a real tough time invisioning them in jewelry (although this one was simple enough, i guess, to come up with ideas, but still ;))