Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

Today is the elusive 29th of February which only comes once every four years. I think that's kinda neat. This morning I had a doctor appt. at 9:15am which is pretty early for me these days. I don't have to get up early anymore since Desiree graduated and has her driver's lic. so I have been getting up whenever I please. It was hard to roust my rear out of bed at 7am this morning, I tell you! Anyway, the drive was nice, and the weather is amazing here right now. It was a little foggy this morning but it burned off by noon and turned into another absolutely gorgeous day.

I am doing orders right now and, happily, they are all for beads I absolutely love. That makes me a happy little beadmaker. *sigh* I'm a lucky woman.

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The bad Liz said...

I love the puppy bead here!!! Wonderful!