Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lots of new stuff

I've been making beads! is where they all are.

In other news...Mark and I are thinking about moving. Maybe the pacific northwest - Washington. I know this is a crappy time to try to sell a house but prices in our area have been holding up pretty well, for now. Who knows how long that will last, though. I have been making beads to try to keep my mind off the sheer number of things I have to do before we even think of putting the house on the market. Cleaning out the garage, for example. *shudder* We've been saving furniture for when Desiree moves out into her own place. TV, a desk, stuff like that. It may have to all go to the charity shop at this point. We are going to need the room, I think. Ack! I'm going to change the subject before I hyperventilate. The good news is, though, that in order to procrastinate on the house stuff, I have moved up the bead stuff to the front burner. LOL!

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