Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Backs are bogus sometimes

Ok, so, this back thing is starting to get on my nerves. Everything I do takes longer. I look like a 90 year old woman trying to get in and out of the little Eclipse I drive. If you are wondering why it is taking me so long to finish orders, mail stuff out, etc. it is because of this dang back! I am running at least a week behind in everything. Blech! If you need something right away, email me. I am checking my email at least twice a day. Unfortunately, the computer chair has become an instrument of torture for me right now. Every time I sit at it, my back seizes up and when I try to walk afterward, I am hunched over like - you guessed it - a 90 year old woman.

Ok, back to laying down.

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Anonymous said...

hi this is carla from c-raes-jewelry-designs. sorry to hear about your back. i know how you feel i hurt mine many yrs ago and its never been right sense. hope you start feeling better soon carla