Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She drives!

After FIVE (5!) attempts, Desiree finally has her driver's license!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Don't worry, she's a good driver - just a horrible test taker. Today, though, she didn't freak out. She took her time and didn't get flustered. There has never been a happier pair of people on the planet than when she ran up to me with that big smile on her face after her test. I don't know which of us was happier. I think it might have been me. :)

I made beads yesterday!!! I have to clean them but I want to give you a little peek at something new I did...

So, the LASIK is wonderful. I can see perfectly. I did have to pick up some reading glasses, though. I used them to finish a book I was reading. Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time is an awesome book, by the way. I really enjoyed it. I mean, it made my head explode a couple times and it was slow reading because I have NO physics education whatsoever but I feel like I understand things a bit better now...and maybe a little less than before as well. Like it causes you to ask questions you hadn't thought of asking before. It was a good book.


tami and todd said...

Yay for your daughter! And that flower is AMAZING! I love it! So jealous!

Lori Peterson said...

Thanks so much Tami!!!
We are giddy with delight around here. :D

Jan said...


I am so happy for both of you. She will love having the independence and you will love the extra time you will have. How proud she must be. Love the beads and love that you are happy with the lazik Jan

Lori Peterson said...

Today was the first time she went out all by herself. She drove 10 miles to her friend's house and drove back in the dark too! She's a big girl now. *sniffle*

Patty said...


Your flower is amazing! Such beautiful form and color.

I am terrified at the thought of my 16 year old son starting to drive.