Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OMG. I can SEE!

I had LASIK yesterday and when I woke up this morning, I could SEE! Thank you Dr. Manche & staff!!!

I went up to Stanford yesterday afternoon and the whole thing took less than an hour. It was never more than a bit uncomfortable and when the procedure was done, I sat up and burst into tears of joy! I could see without glasses! YAY!!!

I went back and had my eyes tested today and I have 20/15 vision. That's better than 20/20! It is also WAY better than I could see WITH glasses. Amazing. Totally amazing.

I even made some beads today.


tami and todd said...

That IS so awesome! I've been back and forth on the whole idea of LASIK. I've heard so many negatives & the only good comments came from my doctor. So to now know someone that has been so blown away... it's good news! Very nice!

Lori Peterson said...

Well, now that I have had it done, I am convinced that getting a good doctor to do it is imperative. When you read about it, it seems very automated and computerized but there is a lot that the doctor measures and does ahead of time and during the actual procedure that is very important.

So, my advice would be that if you are going to get it done, ask around for references. I had mine done at Stanford and even though it was more expensive there, I am very glad I opted to go with Dr. Manche and not one of the "coupon deal" lasik centers around.

Jan said...

Well it is certainly great that you can see. My husband had the same LASIK and he has loved his eyesight ever since. His eyes were so bad they didn't think they would get him to 20/20 but they did. He doesn't wear glasses and can see. He loves it. Good for you.

How about Des did she get her liscense?


Lori Peterson said...

We had to reschedule her last test since it was for 1/4 - the Friday we got that HUGE storm. We have a new test date scheduled for next week. I have my fingers crossed.