Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Times

Monday, I went to the pre-op appointment at Stanford. They did about a million scans of my eyes and I am all ready to go! My surgery is scheduled for January 8th. I can't wait! I have just about gone nuts having to wear glasses every day and not being able to torch. Today I have contacts on again!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!

This morning I got to sleep in until 10 am. OMG. You have no idea how good it felt. Desiree got up early and fed the pets for me so I could sleep in. *love*

We went to her school and picked up her official diploma today and I have mailed out her application to take the state board exam. All we can do now is wait. Well, practice and wait. :)


Jan said...


I am so sorry I haven't talked in a long time. This time of year is hectic. I am so glad that Desirae has completed her studies what an accomplishment. Now what about her driving. When is that test. I am praying and hoping plus lighting the candles. I know just how she feels. Hopefully she will not freak out. Give her my best I will talk to you soon.

Bubbyanne said...

Hi Lori!
Barb/Bubby here. :o)
Congrats on Desirae graduating, that's awesome and for your lasik surgery.
My hub had it done several years ago and LOVES being without his glasses! He had to wear them for so long and to be free of them in such a short time was like a miracle.
Enjoy your new eyes!
Best wishes,

Lori Peterson said...

Hey Jan!
Since it's raining like crazy, we moved her driving test to the first week of January instead. Hopefully we will get some good weather for it. Good to hear from you!!!

Hi Bubby!
Thanks! Yes, I am super excited about the prospect of not having to wear contacts or glasses! It does seem like a miracle to me. I can't wait!!!