Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm on a beadmaking hiatus right now. I still have lots of beads to list but I'm not making any new ones for a while. Why? Well, actually, it's quite exciting. I'm getting LASIK eye surgery! I have my pre-op appointment on Monday and I haven't been able to wear my contacts all week. Ugh. I hate wearing glasses. Also, since I don't have Rx flameworking glasses, I can't torch until I have surgery and my eyes are done healing.

I figured it might be good to have some time away from the torch since there is so much going on around here. Desiree graduates from cosmetology college tomorrow. FOR REAL!!! I can't believe how proud I am of her. She has worked harder on this than anything else...ever! She has studied, practiced and stuck to it through thick and thin.

I am just overwhelmed with pride at how much she has matured in the past year, the past six months in particular. There have been the regular young-adult blips in judgement here and there but, finally, she has been learning from them and making changes accordingly.

Next week, she has her driving test scheduled so if you could light a candle for her or whatever you think seems appropriate, please do. We need all the good mojo we can muster at this point. She's a great driver but a lousy test taker.

Well, I wish you all a happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas! Take care all...


Val Cox said...

Lori, congratulations on the eye surgery, how exciting! Des is doing great, I have a feeling she'll pass this time for sure. But I think I'll light a candle or two, or three just in case!

Lori Peterson said...

Yes, light as many candles as you can. We will need them all.

Thanks Val!