Monday, September 3, 2007

Saturday we went to Foster City for a long walk around the bay. It was very pretty there and very cool and breezy, too. We had a really nice time! Puppy liked seeing all the feral kitties living there. We read that they have a program for spaying/neutering the ferals and they feed them every day. We saw a couple feeding them while we were there, in fact. Very cool.

Sunday we just did a bunch of shopping. We needed to get some new pictures for the bathroom and a couple rugs for the kitchen. Mission accomplished! I love Kohl's.

Monday we saw a fire in the hills! I read about it when we got home. It's near Morgan Hill. Pretty massive smoke cloud. Check it out:

That picture was taken in Palo Alto and so were the rest of these. The Puppy loves the trail in Palo Alto. I think I might do a series of sets of beads named after all the cities we visit on the weekends.

Crane! They're everywhere around the water.

Puppy says, "Have a great week!"


Jan said...


Sounds like you had a great week. I need a carpet for my older sons room. He moved out in May and I am turning the room into my scrapping room. That way he won't return. Have a great week.


Lori Peterson said...

That is a brilliant plan, Jan!