Monday, September 10, 2007

San Francisco, The Tick and a Busy Day

We went to San Francisco on Sunday. Puppy had a long walk through the Presidio and along the waterfront. We had a picnic and now Puppy thinks that the car makes food and should be searched whenever allowed. She's so funny. And hungry. Constantly hungry.

Click on the picture and see the starfish! The rock is HUGE, by the way. The starfish weren't small but they look tiny compared to the rock. The surf was pretty rough and there were people out in the bay with surfboards and parachutes. It looked like fun. Crazy, but fun.

When we came back to the car, I noticed something on Puppy's foot. I thought she had gotten some old gum stuck to her paw or something. I gave it a tremendous tug, it finally released and then it moved!!!! YIKES!!! I think it was a TICK! I say 'I think' because I flung it out the window so fast that I didn't have time to analyze it. *Shudder* I swear, that was my first encounter with a tick in California, ever. YUCK! Poor Puppy had a red spot on her paw and played up the drama queen act a bit in hopes of more picnic goodies. Of course, it worked.

I called the vet early this morning in a panic and the vet's assistant was able to talk me down from the ledge, assuring me that Puppy was not in any immediate peril. Apparently, the head, if it is still in there (again, *shudder*) will come out within a couple days and we should just look for signs of infection. By this evening, the red spot was completely gone. She also assured me that Lyme disease is pretty uncommon here and not something we should worry too much about. *Whew!*

Today was hugely busy for me. I had a dentist appointment and cleaning that took over 2 hours. My teeth are super clean now and feel great. I am one of those weird people who enjoy getting my teeth cleaned. I think if I was a fish in the ocean, I would get my own personal cleaner wrasse on a full-time basis. My hygienist, Parastu, has been cleaning my teeth for about a million years and has been my personal friend for nearly that long. I follow her from dentist to dentist, like a groupie. :)

Anyway, before the dentist, I went to the post office to mail an international package. I didn't have any of those customs forms left at home and I went to 3 different post offices this weekend and none of them had the customs forms out in a place you could get them off-hours. Grrr.

After the dentist, I took Desiree to Kohl's to pick out a new dress and some nice shoes that she can wear to school. She picked out some adorable ballerina flats and a halter dress that just looks stunning on her. After Kohl's we went to Costco to get Des her first Costco card! YAY!!! We also finally got her new frames in for Rx lenses. She will be a stylin' stylist this fall, for sure.

So, that was my day. Tomorrow is making beads day. All day. YAY!!!!


Jan said...


My favorite part of you day was the shopping with your daughter I just love doing that with mine. I didn't like it when she was a teen but now I do. Love Jan

Lori Peterson said...

Yep, that was my favorite, too. She is a great shopping partner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori. I just wanted to tell you that Lyme disease is in every state, and there is quite a bit in CA. Do you put Frontline or a similar product on your dog? This can help.

Besides Lyme disease, ticks can trasmit several serious co-infections to people and to pets. It is important to learn as much as you can so you can protect yourself and your pets.

If you or anyone else would like a list of resources on Lyme, you can email me at You also may want to check out the California Lyme Disease Association at