Monday, September 24, 2007

Bead Buddies

I went to my local SGB (Society of Glass Beadmakers) meeting at Sharon Peters' house on Saturday. That's her bead cabinet (WOW!) that my friends, Linda and Tom, are pretending to look at in order to avoid my paparazzi photo hounding. I had an incredibly fun time. I got to meet a bunch of local gals that I hadn't met before and got caught up with some I hadn't seen for many moons. Getting together with them is like being in a space ship with all your fellow aliens. They all "get" me. I love it. There was much bead swapping going on and I got a couple SUPER awesome beads. One from Mary, another from Aja and another from Haley. They are all beads I will treasure. I will have to take pictures later of my booty! And by booty, I mean beads. Not my badunkadunk trunk with too much junk. :)

I made a couple dog beads that I am REALLY happy with. What do you think?


Jan said...

How cute are those puppies they really have lots of personalities. The glass you used makes them look like real fur. Love them Jan

South Sun Products said...

Those are the cutest beads I've ever seen! I just forwarded this page to anyone who appreciates cute things.

Linda said...

That darn paparazzi! LOL!


Lori Peterson said...

Thank you!!!

Ok, off to the torch with me!
Love, Lori

Val Cox said...

wow, those dogs are great. I love your cane patterning for the hair! Val

Lori Peterson said...

Thanks Val! I use an 8 pointed star optical mold.

Patty said...


Your doggies are great! I love your cane.

I wish I had been able to attend the meeting at Sharon's house, so I could have met you. I live in Los Gatos, and have only attended a couple (ok, maybe one?) meeting since joining the local chapter a few months ago. But let me know if you'd like to carpool from the bay area sometime!

Take care,