Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where the magic happens...

I thought you might like to see where Kim and I were making murrini for the past three days straight...

Sometimes we torch in her studio but the past two times we have torched in Loriland. :) I have finally set up two torches, side by side. One GTT Lynx, which I bought a million years ago and never really used, and my tried and true Nortel Minor. We had a great time torching, especially the last day and I am super excited about the new murrini blends. Sadly, I cannot show it to you because we were so tired by the end of the day that Kim just packed it all up to cut at home.

Kim brought her oxy concentrator and the little doohickie that connects it to the hose got lost in the journey so we had to improvise with some plastic tubing, duct tape and some zip ties. It was very MacGyver. In the end, we got it working! YAY!

In other news.... we had a bit of drama this weekend:
Mark heard a dog rustling around in our front yard late at night Saturday night. He went out and saw a lovely golden lab who was very eager to be taken in. Mark put him in the back yard and went to get some water and food and when he went back out to the back yard, our cat followed him out and...mayhem ensued. The cat was freaking out and then the dog started chasing the cat and then the cat climbed the orange tree which is full of horrible spiky thorny things (which I did not know about orange trees until we moved in here). Desiree pulled the cat out of the tree while Mark is freaking out and the dog is barking and freaking out and Puppy is in the house going ballistic and the cat messed Desiree up pretty bad - got her eyelid, bit her hands up - it was bad - sooooo, we took her to urgent care the next day. They put her on antibiotics, gave her hand braces for both thumbs, no stitches for the eye but it looks like she's been beaten up.

And then we checked the cat. He had a big tear in the skin, from a spike, I imagine. No blood, strangely enough, but you could see the muscle underneath the skin and that is wayyyyy more anatomy than I like to be confronted with, thank you very much. So...we ushered the cat off to the vet and he had surgery to get that taken care of.

Yeah, that was just pandemonium. Everyone is on the mend now, thank goodness.


savannahwoman said...

So, Lori, what became of the Golden? Do you have a new dog to keep Puppy company?

Sandy in Savannah, who is enjoying her Puppy beads and Best Friend bead

Lori Peterson said...

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that the dog's owner (our neighbor) came and got him as soon as my husband called. I would LOVE to have a dog to keep Puppy company! LOL!