Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Murrini Adventures...

I spent two days at Kim's house again! I got up there a little before noon on Tuesday and we got right to work! We worked all day the next day, as well! I have at least 5 new blends to put up on Etsy and then maybe some grab bags, too. It should be a fun week or two!!! As an added bonus, I had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with Kim. She's just the best!
A couple weekends ago Kim, Linda and I visited Tom and had a resin pendant party! It was a lot of fun! We all made pendants and here are some that Linda and Kim made:
This one that Kim made is done in sterling and it's all murrini - no background - so you see the shiny silver underneath. Pretty cool!
This pink one was made by our girly girl Linda. It's so pretty!
This one Kim did has *shock* GLITTER! Who knew Kim was a glitter gal?
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