Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Kingdom for a Card Reader

I am in Boston right now and having a fantastic time. Wow! What a beautiful city!!! I have a ton of photos to show but no way to get them into the computer. Wah! I knew I forgot something. Oh well, I will have to show you when I get home. Anyhooooo, I had lots of fun walking around downtown Boston. We even took a tour of the state house and learned lots about the history of Boston and the founding of the country. Interesting stuff. I'm glad I'd watched the John Adams series on HBO because I had at least a vague idea of who these people were that the tour guide was talking about. Mary, our tour guide, was a completely adorable lady with a thick Boston accent. She did a great tour and was quite an animated speaker. I want to do that kind of thing when I get to retirement age. She was so much fun.

Today we are travelling up to New Hampshire. I have purchased a vat of Deep Woods OFF! I am going to slather myself with DEET or whatever that chemical is called. I am totally freaked out about ticks and hear that they are out in full force in NH this spring. Ugh.

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