Monday, July 23, 2012

What are you so worried about?

Ok, so I am going to the annual meeting of my "coworkers" called the ISGB Gathering.  Saturday is the Bead Bazaar where Kim and I will have a table and we will try to sell our little glass beads and murrini to other beadmakers and hopefully a few others who wander in from the local area. 

We've sold beads and murrini at shows before.  This should be the same, right?  Um. Not exactly.  These are our peers.  Our biggest supporters. Our toughest critics. People who know how to do what we do. 

I'm terrified.


Sonya Paz said...

OMG You will kick ass! Don't worry, it them who should be terrified! Where is the show?


LunaMoonShadow said...

We're also your best customers for murrini....(wish i was gonna be there....sigh)

Anonymous said...

Your beads are just as good. Have a wonderful time. I had planned to go, but am leaving for Europe on Monday instead.

perlaperla said...

I can exactly understand what wou will say... It is the same with our annual "gathering" in Germany ;)
BUT - all of them will appreciate your work!

Good luck and good selling!