Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy Store Selling Tips part 2

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Descriptions / Categories / Tags

     -take a look at similar items for keyword/tag/category help

I know this seems like cheating. But, really, it is the easiest way to make sure you get tags that make sense for your product. Take a look at a few different products before you pick tags, though. Some people use tags inappropriately. Make sure the tags you pick actually make sense for the product you’re selling. If they don’t, someone might report you and your item may be removed.

     -dimensions, materials used, facts
Make sure you give all the pertinent information for the product. It may seem obvious to you that the item you are selling is teeny-tiny because it’s in front of you. When you look at macro photos of the item, it may seem MUCH larger. Let the customer know what to expect so they aren’t surprised when they receive the item. Same goes for materials used. If you used sterling silver, let them know. If you used base metal containing nickel, let them know. Nothing worse than wearing something that gives you an unexpected rash!

     -inspiration and artist stuff

Some artists like to include a story, like how the item was conceived, inspired or stumbled upon during the creative process. Customers like to catch a glimpse of the artist’s soul. Remember, you’re selling yourself as much as you’re selling the item!

Listing Strategies

     -list a few items a day rather than all at once

The default search result for Etsy is newest first so you probably want to be on the first or second page when someone searches for an item like yours. If you list frequently, the chances are better you will be easy to find and be seen by more people. Also, keep in mind that the more items you list, the more items you will sell, generally speaking. If you only have a couple things in your store and never update it, you won’t be as successful a seller as someone who keeps their store fresh and fully stocked with exciting new items.

     -list and promote, list and promote, list and promote
Etsy makes it really easy to promote your items now. One button push and you can publish your item to your Facebook page! Same goes for Twitter, too. You can also send out newsletters to your customer list to let them know when you have new items and sales.

After the sale…

If you want feedback (and you do) you need to leave feedback for your buyers. Thank them for their quick payment or for supporting your art.

     -tracking sales/ customer base/ follow up

Keep a list of customers and get a mailing list going. Make sure you check with them before adding them to the list. No one wants spam. There are a lot of free and paid opt-in mailing list generators you can use that will add a form to your website. Some of those are Bravenet, Constant Comment, Vertical Response.

     -packing and shipping

Pack your items securely so that they will arrive at their destination in one piece. Make sure you include a hand-written thank you on the receipt or even on the back of a business card. You can personalize your packages by adding special touches like gift boxes, pretty tissue paper or whatever makes you happy and furthers your brand image. Get creative! Oh and don’t forget to ship promptly!
Advertising and Promotion

     -paid and targeted

There are tons of advertising opportunities for artists out there but you have to look for them. If you want to pay for advertising you can sign up for Google Adwords or buy an ad in a magazine that targets your audience. I like advertising on forums I actively participate in. It is pretty reasonably priced and super targeted. It pays to do some online research to see where your customers are gathering.
     -Blogs / Facebook / Twitter

A blog or posting to Facebook or Twitter is a great way to talk about your creative process, promote your items and let customers know about your latest creations. If you’re not a good writer, just post photos and links!

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