Thursday, August 12, 2010


So many things have been happening! Ok, first of all, new murrini. OMG. I love it...
Oh and there's more so keep your eyes peeled on Aug 15th. PLUS, I went to Kim's earlier this week and we made even more murrini so it will be coming in Sept. We were trying to make as much as possible before she goes back to her math teacher gig.
Speaking of teaching gigs...Kim and I will be teaching at in December!!! We're very excited. I can't wait!!!
And speaking of gigs, Miss Desiree has finally quit her rock climbing job and is working at SuperCuts! She's finally using her cosmetology license!!! She's gone through all kinds of training and she's now out on the floor cutting hair every day! We are very, very excited for her and oh so proud. She loves the ladies she works with, too, so that makes it even nicer. :)

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