Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting back into 'normal' mode

Mom is back home in MN, Mark has started his new job and I find myself with more time to get beads made again. I miss them but I'd better make use of the time, right? I started out slow, doing some little sets I've been meaning to do for a while. The little red and gold set has been simmering in my brain since I spied a long-forgotten book of gold leaf in one of the drawers in my garagio (garage studio).
The flowers I just had to do because I got a bundle of delicious Reichenbach gold violet cane and had to try it out. It is even more delicious on the flowers than it was in rod form. YAY! Very pink, very beautiful.

I'm trying out a large triangle press and just felt compelled to make a slice of watermelon with it since summer is surely on the way, despite all the rain and gray skies we've been having this week.
The bracelet was done for my friend Jackie. I just love it and my have to make one for myself now, too. So sparkly!
Well, now I have to get back to the garagio to do more creating before the A/C guy shows up. And he better show up or I am going to have a complete conniption. He was a no-show last week and never even bothered to call. Grrrrr...

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