Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

Kaye and Marcy tagged me so I'd better comply (they know where I live). :)

Seven weird little facts about me and seven blogs tagged by me...


1. I worked in Finance & Accounting at Hewlett Packard for a bunch of years. Can you imagine? Me? It wasn't a good fit. LOL! I liked working with people but the numbers bored me. I started in the collections department. Again, can you imagine ME collecting money from people? Yeah, neither could they. LOL!

2. I met my husband at Hewlett Packard. He worked in the IT department (computer nerd!) and had just moved here. I dated a few guys from work before him but he was the only KEEPER! I actually had a check list - you know, like, traits I needed a man to have (sense of humor, good listener, intelligent) and stuff I would never put up with again (lying, cheating, etc.) and he was the only one who passed the list test.

3. My husband is originally from the UK. He still has the British accent but I have trained him to use American words for stuff like elevator (lift), trunk (boot), faucet (tap) and cigarette (don't get me started...) His parents and brother still live in the UK. We miss them.

4. I am originally from Minnesota. Not much to say about that except that it's a good place to be a kid in but I'm not sure it would be all that much fun as an adult. Playing in the snow is way more fun than shoveling it. My mom is currently living in MN, taking care of my elderly grandmother. We miss them, too.

5. I am constantly thinking about cookies. I don't eat them constantly. But I do think about them. If we have any in the house, I can hear them begging me to eat them.

6. I am a sweet, surrounded by salties. I love sweets and my whole family prefers salty snacks. This is a blessing and a curse. The cupboard is stocked with a constant supply of salty and savory snacks. When there are actually sweets in the house, they're mine, all mine. The tough part is figuring out who to blame when the bag of cookies is empty.

7. Despite my bright colored beadmaking preferences, I actually wear a lot of neutrals. I do, however, have a really bright pink pair of Crocs that I adore.


There we have it! Thanks for tagging me, gals!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the tag, Lori...we are much alike...husband from Ireland here (I have him trained too!) and we met at work as well.

Lori Peterson said...

It's a process, as you know. The first year it was all "ooh, I love your accent" and I didn't pay attention to the fact I really didn't understand much of what he was saying. LOL!

SortaFlowering Designs said...

:):):):) Thank you for the tag and I am still chuckling over your 7 facts lol. They are so good I now have absolutely no idea what to put for mine. Can I just use yours? hehe

beading warm fuzzies~ Jenelle

formfireglassworks said...

What a great set of facts! Hope I can do it justice - thanks for the tag!!!!

Anonymous said...

cool facts Lori, ummm hey...part of the bloggin on this is linking Marcy and my name to our blogs ;) a little extra work, but I know you can handle it :)

yeah, you can wack me now (smooches)

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, ya know, just a touch of bright pink from the Crocs is the bestest way to add color to a neutral wardrobe--- said the woman formerly known as Khaki Woman, the woman who always ends up buying a plain white shirt instead of a color one :) Thanks for sharing your fun facts!

Lori Peterson said...

When I was writing out those facts I thought I sounded like the most boring person on the planet! Glad to find out that I just being a little hard on myself.

Kaye, I've put in the links. How rude of me to forget! My apologies.

Angelina, your advice matches stylist Rachel Zoe. Yes, I watch too much Bravo TV. I'm pretty sure Zoe wasn't referring to Crocs, though. Yeah, pretty sure on that one.

Anonymous said...

Lori sweety, one thing you are not is boring :)

links are so we get page hits and maybe just maybe sales...I have been trying to blog more and such.

Now if I could make new cool beads each time I torch and dazzle the buyers...all would be good.

you forgot the one where my mom's maiden name and your's is the same...hey that can be number being a cousin of sort ;)

Anonymous said...

pssss...Lori, you need to change your tee shirt in your avitar...its PINK! hmmmm wanna go shopping with me?? I'll buy you all tropical inspired clothes ;)

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Loved reading about you Lori. I wear neutrals all the time too!