Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Bead Day

Some days are better than others for making beads. Wednesday was a Good Bead Day, or GBD, as in, "All I need is a GBD and I will stop being a beezee." Yes, we speak in code here.

Since I am testing frit for 2 Toucans Treetop Creations I have *finally* been bitten by the frit bead bug. Oooh, frit is a lovely thing. I had no idea. Don't get me wrong, I loved iris orange (AKA raku) frit but it didn't really fit in with my regular bead style all that much. And it was a lot of work getting it to do anything besides baby poop tan. It definitely had it's place in my beadmaking palette but it wasn't the first thing I reached for every session ( LOL!

Well, I am in love with frit now.


Kaye said...

great bead day! those beachy beads are the bombo...awesome!

how are you Lori?? Summer here yet?

Lori Peterson said...

Thanks Kaye!!!!
Oh gosh, yes, summer is definitely here. I crave margaritas. That's a sign of summer, isn't it?
Things are going well. I think I will head over to your blog and see how things are going with you!